Monday, August 20, 2012

Why Tony Abbott is bad for all of us.

Tony Abbott sucks.

Yes, it would be easy to leave this blog post as that, but let me try to explain why this is the case.

1. He's nasty.
And before you reply with "What about Paul Keating?", he was arrogant. Important difference.

2. He's deliberately misleading.
The majority of Mr.Abbott's attacks on the Government aren't completely honest. There are half-truths and outright lies being peddled by Mr.Abbott which a large percentage of the general public simply accept as correct. The Carbon Tax alone has many, many instances where claims of outrageous price rises being blamed on it. It's simply just not correct. We know the prices have risen 10%, but go check through your electricity bills over the last few years and you'll find more than 10%, much more!
Illegal asylum seekers. Yeah, cos they're illegal. Not.

3. He is a bully.
Even back in University Mr.Abbott was a bully. A Champion of the Right?
Aggressive towards women and homosexuals. Things haven't changed very much. But wait, isn't his sister a lesbian? Well that's okay then, because we know people would never attack a family member's beliefs and lifestyle.

4. He's insincere.
A common problem with a lot of Politicians, I'll admit that, but do we remember when Mr.Abbott and the LNP went after Craig Thomson like a pack of dogs and then eased off after expressed faux concern for his health and welfare? He also attempted to flee the Parliament so that Mr.Thomson's vote would be nullified. Yeah, nice one. I won't even mention the faux concerns for asylum seekers.

5. He's dictated to by his religious beliefs.
I'm no fan of religion, but I'm more than happy for people to be religious. Big of me I know, but when it comes to representing constituents and potentially the country, I worry that Mr.Abbott is too far indoctrinated in the words of his religion. It certainly would explain his attitudes towards women and homosexuals, two people not represented in the Catholic Church in a fair or equal manner.

6. Even when caught out, he doesn't concede his position.
Far from being admirable, denying the error of your ways is in fact a negative character trait. Sticking to your guns despite evidence the other way is foolish and potentially dangerous.

7. He's not actually selling anything.
What Tony Abbott is on about is opposing the Government. Again, it is technically the title of his job, but you don't oppose everything without some consequences, those being, you need to present an different option. The LNP opposes everything presented by the Government (well not EVERYTHING) simply because the numbers in the house are close and they might score some political points out of it. Mr.Abbott says "No" in order to appear definite and full of leadership. But leaders DO stuff, not oppose stuff, and saying "Well, he's in opposition, how can he do stuff?" isn't good enough. People get elected on their policies, not just because we don't like the other guy's policies.

"I support this"
"Well I don't"

That's not what leaders do, they tell you why, the present alternatives and they explain to you why their option is better. Tony Abbott is stuck at the sloganeering stage. Of course, you keep some things up your sleeve for the election campaign, but everything?

Apologies, we have the Opposition's non-Carbon Tax which costs more, achieves less and affects everyone without actually addressing the actual issue. But then that makes sense because Mr.Abbott doesn't believe in Human induced Climate Change. Or does he now? I forget.

8. He seems to think he's got the right to return to Howard Laws.
Have you noticed how he keeps referring to the Howard Government? The same Government voted out at the 2007 election because we didn't like it anymore? Well sure, some people liked it, but not everyone. And why? Industrial Relations Laws was a major factor. But Mr.Abbott has already talked about returning to those same laws! Sure, he's not silly enough to call them the same thing, but if you call your dog a cat, it's still a dog.

9. He's a xenophobe.
He helped to create the national fear of 'brown people' during his years as a Minister with the Howard Government. He has been hell bent in "stopping the boats", which is actually code for diverting the boats, or sending them back to where they came from - because they are illegals, jumping queues and because we don't know who these people are! Then he feigns concern over their welfare. As we all know, his solution to the "problem" is to divert them, then give them a temporary visa which means when it's safe to do so, we send them back to where they came from, or send them back while they're in their boat.
Pretty caring stuff. And we're talking about 20,000 people a year. I feel safer already.
I shudder when I think of him talking to the Chinese and the Indonesians....

10. He has brainwashed a large section of the community by appealing to their unfounded fears.
- Brown people are coming to our country and living on welfare which we have to pay for.
- The Prime Minister is putting the price of everything up to punish people for making money.
- The Government hates rich people and wants to  persecute them when they support the rest of us through jobs.
- The Prime Minister is a liar. She lies about everything, you can't believe what comes out of her mouth.
- The Prime Minister is untrustworthy. She left Slater & Gordon Solicitors because of some dodgy dealings.
- The Budget is still in the red because the Govt. spends money like there's no tomorrow.
- The Government can't manage the Economy.
- We're in too much debt because of the GFC spending and it was unnecessary.

I really could go on.
And none of those claims are actually true. Not one of them. Not even a half of one.

Tony Abbott's claim that there's nothing wrong with our Economy that a change of Government wouldn't improve is akin to me saying after you've eaten your dinner. "I'd do a better job."
Even though the meal was fine.

I know ALP Government's can't rule forever and nor should they, but the Public baulked at electing Mark Latham because of his personality's time they paid a bit more attention to Mr.Abbott.

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  1. Abbott way of playing words has given a clear indication that there will be NO Guarantees what he will do when PM. And that is scary enough.

    But, he also seems to be able to manipulate the media and because of his strong will to be PM I feel he will manipulate many to STAY in power if he does become PM..
    Making it double as scary.