Sunday, March 17, 2013

Duck Season - Point and Shoot.

Here we are again.
Duck Season.

It seems the same old conversations are had this time every year with regards to the rights of the shooters, the rights of the ducks and the rights of the things that shooters think are ducks but which are just some other water-bird hanging out with ducks.

In the 80s and 90s, I was a bird-watcher.
This isn't really the case any more, as I simply don't have the time or the funds to get to the places I would need/like to go to in order to see things I haven't already seen. This makes me one of those 'twitcher' types.

But my bird-watching was also the beginning of my interest in the environment and its protection. So being an anti-duck season kind of guy is the way I lean.

So this morning when a workmate asked me about the duck season, I gave my usual response....roughly cobbled together in the following paragraph.

"I'm not a fan of duck shooting because the people who shoot the ducks don't tend to be terribly discerning with either the aim, ability to identify what they are aiming at, or their respect for the laws relating to what they are shooting"

Something like that anyway.

But then I thought about it some more when my workmate asked me if the ducks in Chinese Restaurants were the same as the ones being shot.

No, they're not. Chinese Restaurants seem to use domestic ducks, the sort you might think about when you see Donald Duck.

These guys are the ones hanging in the windows of restaurants around the streets of Melbourne.

So then why do people want to go and shoot ducks? I mean, there are clearly ducks farmed for eating, why the need to go and shoot wild ducks?

This got me thinking about the sort of people who choose to go and shoot something.
For starters, they want to shoot something.
Secondly, they're prepared to kill something.
Then, they want to eat that something.

And this is where I'm different to these people.

The reason I'm happy to eat meat is because I don't think about where it's coming from. Sure, I know where it comes from, but I don't wish to think about a poor ol' sheep or cow being killed simply so I can eat it.

If we all had to kill and eat our own meat, I'd be a vegetarian. Simple as that.

And I think this is the difference between me and a duck shooter.

Nobody in Australia has to go kill their own food in order to survive.
It's why we go to the Supermarket or Butcher.
But duck shooters are choosing to go and kill something. Why? Well presumably they like the taste of duck.
But if I liked the taste of duck, I'd go to a restaurant and eat it, or buy it from the market.

I don't like to kill animals. I'll kill a mosquito for sure, those things are responsible for more human sickness and death than anything else, so I'm kind of helping out, but a duck?

I know my preparedness to eat something someone else has killed makes me a hypocrite, but it's a happy medium in a tricky debate.

Not quite ignorance is bliss, but turning a blind eye.


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  2. Ohhhh, the can of worms you have just opened.

    On your point re mosquitoes one could argue that almost all Ozzie mossies are not the cause of human sickness and death so your wanton desire to kill them randomly could be considered extreme.

    But I'll leave that argument as I have to point out the following as some people are actually:
    - able to id the different species of ducks (and any other type of bird which might be in the area)
    - rescue distressed birds (and take them to get veterinary assistance)
    - responsible enough to adhere to the laws and personally enforce them during their shooting
    - able to aim and hit a bird so that there is no prolonged suffering

    Also, do you grow your own vegetables? Why? You don’t need to as you can just go to the shop and buy them.

    Unfortunately, very few shooters actually eat their 'kills' as it is considered a 'sport'. I do think that if they did then the culture would shift towards the better (along with the general public’s opinion of the activity).

    I am guessing you have a picture in your head of a blood thirsty man with an immediate urge to kill, swigging beer with a smoke hanging out of the corner of his mouth, recklessly swinging a gun around as he randomly fires at anything that moves.

    Pity I don't fit that description!!!