Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kurds of Paradise

Okay, my lame attempt at an asylum seeker/PNG pun may be in poor taste. It may also be irrelevant given that I'm not sure many Kurds are heading our way through the refugee program, but just work with me here.

Watch as I distract you with pretty colours!

In recent weeks, the reborn PM Kevin Rudd has proven that he is indeed the best person to lead the ALP into the 2013 election. Not because he's better than Julia Gillard, that is up to the individual, but because he is a far better campaigner and shameless self-promoter. A fact that no political observer can deny, no matter what side you support.

the 2013 election, whenever it may be, was set up to be an election on probably three or four issues.

  • The Carbon Tax - Tony Abbott has spent three years howling at the Moon on this topic. She lied, she lied and then she lied. No Carbon Tax under the Government I lead.
    Guess what? We're moving to the ETS asap. So the Carbon Tax isn't a problem anymore, and besides, it was Julia Gillard who introduced it and she's leaving politics.
Here's the Church, here's the steeple.
  • School Funding - The ALP set a cut-off for the states to sign up to the Gonksi school funding arrangement. Not all the states signed up. Rudd took over, extended the time limit, changed the name from 'Gonski' which was going to be used in LNP protests "You're GONSKI!", and has now managed to sign up several other key groups in the Secondary School Education sector. The hold outs currently being targeted are Victoria and Queensland. I have a sneaking suspicion they will sign up before the election with the right incentives.
  • Asylum Seekers - In an ideal world, everyone could come and live in Australia. It's a great place, we know, but the reality is, it's not an ideal world. Sometimes you have to say no to your own kids, so you know the look you will get, the lip, the sad eyes and the storming off to have a tanty.

    The new PNG branch of the ALP's asylum seeker policy is less than ideal, it's less than perfect, but the reality is it is designed to stop people getting on a boat and drowning. Something that quite a great number of them have been doing in recent years.

and finally,

  • Julia Gillard herself - I like Julia Gillard. I thought she was a pretty effective Prime Minister, but not everyone did. In fact, the vast majority of them didn't, and it was pointing the ALP towards a massive electoral defeat.

    Nobody wanted that and nobody deserves that. So Kevin Rudd stepped up and in just 4 weeks has blasted away the chains holding the ALP down in the polls.

With these 4 issues largely cleared out of the way, it leaves the LNP in an unprecedented position.


The polls have turned. Several even placing the ALP in the lead, leaving people to refocus on Tony Abbott - like they did just before the 2010 election when some gave him their protest vote against the government, but not quite enough to satisfy his desires.

Kevin Rudd never did get the chance to compete against Tony Abbott. It was taken away from him before he was ready and having seen how he is operating at present, it's easy to see why he was dismayed in 2010.

Rudd is a better performer than Abbott.
He is more amiable than Abbott.
He seemingly has more convincing policies than Abbott.

He is not afraid of bringing the fight TO Abbott, calling him out like a WWE wrestler. We sit and wait for Abbott's music to play, but he never takes the bait.

Do you smell what the Rudd is cookin'?

Tony Abbott was relying on people's dislike and lack of trust in Julia Gillard.
She's gone now and much like an army deserting its leader, he is standing alone and receiving all of the attention from the enemy.

Tony Abbott used to be the LNP's strong man, but now he is the chink in their armour. Weak on debating, weak on policy, weak on unprepared commentary.

Rudd 2.0 is said to be more consultative and this appears evident in his ability to sort out several government thorns in short time, not alone but with his Minsters by his side.

He's still wordy, he's still zipping, but there's no denying he seems to have changed for the better.

His only weak spot in the public eye appears to be the PNG part of the asylum seeker policy, and even then, it is only the left of the ALP supporters and the Greens who are concerned.

Consider this however - you may not like that he's sending the "naughty student" to sit in the corner of the room, but Mr Abbott's policy is to open the door and let them wander the corridors unmonitored. 


  1. Not bad, pretty much to the point and pretty much spot on. You do seem to have gauged what has occurred right on the nail.

    Only 2 quibbles however. Firstly, claiming that the LNP is NOW vulnerable is not right. It has ALWAYS been vulnerable. The underdog always fights back and in this case, the underdog became the Alpha dog and in THAT position, is ALWAYS vulnerable from an attack by those looking to knock it off. Vulnerable, yes, NOW vulnerable, no.

    Secondly, whilst I agree that those 4 subjects are maybe top of the heap, it is a big heap and they are by no means all there is on the agenda. some are intertwined like the FBT and some are separate like Gay marriage, but to say these are the only ones is damaging because both sides will use all they have to fight this election, small issues and large alike. Having said that, the carbon tax is not dead and buried because bringing in the ETS too early has cost bucket loads of money and jobs too and the reputation of the dollar. Education will come around at the last moment but not until Rudd gives in to our state and his own home state and offers more as he has with others and that will not only throw his budget out but also make those who have already signed come back to rock the boat. also, the funding scheme is majorly flawed and will in the end unravel unless they lock it down properly. Everyone deserves the best education, but is this it. I'm not sure. Asylum seekers. Well, the debate will go on and people will continue to die until the reasons they are seeking to come here are rectified. No amount of argy bargy from either side is going to fix the problem until parties all over the globe come together. In the meantime, both sides are up for troubles in the polls. Julia. What can you say about Julia that doesn't get you attacked as a misogynist or anti this or anti that. The answer is, the least amount the better. She is gone now, like it or lump it, and it is time to focus on the people we WILL be voting for... or not.

  2. You're right about the vulnerability, but in the eyes of the public I don't think they were really vulnerable until now, certainly not in the eyes of the ALP.

    I specifically left off topics like gay marriage as I think they will be the trump cards of the election campaign assuming the above policies are out of the picture.

    Thanks for the comments! :)