Monday, September 9, 2013

What now?

Well it's all done now - the tribe has spoken.

As was said at the function wake I attended on saturday night, there is nothing to be gained in saying people voted the wrong way or ridiculing their choice. That serves no purpose. They made their choice.

So in that spirit, I will now post no more political stuff for one year on my Facebook page where my friend list either don't care or already support what I say.
Those who don't agree rarely reply so it's a bit like dancing naked in front of a mirror.

You always know the right thing to say...muah!

One year is I believe long enough for things to be fully owned by Mr Abbott and his party.

The party the country has voted in. 

Having said that, I am joining the ALP.

I want my opinions heard, not just at the ballot box where I am but a single vote, rather at the heart of the Political Party I support.

I have issues when an organisation I support loses focus and turns things into a battle of personalities rather than ideologies or actual development of policies.

On the whole, I have no problem with ALP policies and the reforms recently announced to stop the chopping and changing at the top, but I do have issues with the seemingly ineptitude of people promoting/selling/spruiking the policies.

Self-promotion, when you've done a good job, is essential for anyone to be successful.

Anyone I know who is good at their job, their hobby or has some impressive talent has told me. They've also told everyone else they know. They prove it over and over again.

If you sit back and let someone put you down and tell others that you're no good, you will be no good - irrespective of your record or your talents.

Labor is not shit, they're not even crap, but Mr Abbott and his team have been excellent at letting folks believe it is the case.

Julia Gillard was not crap, in fact I believe she was very good, but she had one major flaw - she didn't understand that perception is a fundamental aspect for a good Government to become an exceptional Government.

Paul Keating once described former Treasurer Peter Costello as all tip and no iceberg.

Is that Clive Palmer heading our way?

The ALP in Government have been all iceberg and no tip.

There is of course a caveat here.

Sticks and stones can break your bones but words will never harm me.
Nice when you're at school and being bullied, but it's actually not correct - not even at school in fact!

We're all familiar with the 21st century phenomenon of cyber-bullying. 

No sticks there, but plenty of people have fallen victim to this sort of nastiness and either withdrawn from their life or killed themselves.

Words work.
They are the new sticks and stones.

So when confronted with a bully the incorrect option is to ignore them.

Julia Gillard ignored Tony Abbott and tried to stay on track by spouting the same relatively meaningless statistics about the Government's achievements.

Triple A Ratings across the board.
Low Interest Rates.
Low Inflation.

Everyone reading this can probably repeat those facts, but they aren't what people care about down at the shops. Sitting in their lounge room, nobody sits and thinks "wow...triple A ratings...".

There is a divide. A divide whereby the message you think you should be telling isn't the one people want to hear.

I've promoted the achievements of the ALP and their financial management, but these are the sorts of things people should EXPECT from a Government, they shouldn't be the things you try and sell as being evidence that you've done a good job. Especially when you have a debt of $250 Billion, irrespective of the legitimate reasons for having that debt.

And the reasons ARE legitimate.

Zombie film - you get bitten on the arm. Before the virus spreads, someone cuts off your arm. You're going to scream in pain.

Hey! I was using that!

The ALP had the machete and cut off our arm.

Oh yeah, and saved your life, but you know, you didn't die, so hard to appreciate completely.

So the ALP now needs to find a new leader, someone who will be around for the next 3-6 years as an Opposition Leader.

Bill Shorten is always touted as being a future leader, but I personally don't think he's quite polished enough yet. He is equally guilty of poorly putting his position forward and being outplayed by the Liberals.

The problem however is that by NOT nominating Mr Shorten the ALP takes the risk of him missing out altogether, because we want our Opposition Leader to be the next PM, not the Opposition Leader before the next Opposition Leader.

I'm wary of Mr Shorten because he is a strong character, but I think he needs a LOT of work or help learning how to sell both himself and the strong policies, and NEW policies of the ALP.

Lucky I stopped talking about politics isn't it.

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