Monday, October 7, 2013

Age of Entitlement

A wedding is a wonderful event. Two people who love each other commit to each other for life in the presence of their family and friends. Unless they're gay of course, but that's a different issue.

When the Best Man retrieved the ring, all hell broke loose.
At no time is is appropriate for a politician to expect the tax payer to pick up the tab for attending a wedding.

Businesses require people to allocate a proportion of their travel expenses to private and business related time. No wedding is a business arrangement, unless you are Tom Cruise perhaps (allegedly).

What is most offensive about this whole "wedding-gate" garbage, is that the people involved don't seem to think that there is a problem.

I feel like a flow diagram would help here....let me go make one.

That was easy, wasn't it.

If you think you can "get away" with something because you are a politician because either everyone else is doing it or because you reckon it's no big deal and you can always pay it back later if it comes up, you shouldn't be in the parliament, irrespective of what side of politics you are on.

Yes I know, Gillard's partner used the car, yes I know, Slipper went to some wineries, yes I know, Abbott attended some weddings - reread my last blog post.

This is why nobody likes, trusts or believes a word you all say.

Time to be better cos it's the right thing to do, not because you might get caught.

Shiftul people, very shitful.

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