Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Random Thoughts

I started bird-watching in 1984 when I saw one of these on the school oval.
A Masked Lapwing...yes, sure, Plover works too.

Lunch will be avocado spread on cruskits. Unfortunately the avocado looks a bit like the Grinch's scrotum #randomthoughtthursday
I have no plans for this weekend, which means I'll be cleaning something. #randomthoughtthursday

"Some things you can do absolutely nothing about - stop worrying about them". Is what I used to say. #randomthoughtthursday
I watched Ace Ventura last night. My wife said "I don't think I've seen this before"...and fell asleep. #randomthoughtthursday
I actually have work to do. How's that working out for me? #randomthoughtthursday
I considered cutting my beard off recently. Then I realised people would notice I was bald. #randomthoughtthursday
I left my glasses at home today. You all seem much further away than you did yesterday...and blurry. #randomthoughtthursday
Buying things doesn't bring happiness...unless it's time. #randomthoughtthursday
My desk is like my mind. Full of stuff most people can't find and rarely need. But I know where everything is #randomthoughtthursday
My football team has a chance to be in the AFL Grand Final tomorrow evening. Probably 1% of my friends care. #randomthoughtthursday
Sometimes when I tweet, I wonder how many of the 616 followers I have, actually read it - other times, I don't #randomthoughtthursday
In doing what I said in my last tweet, a lot of the time I become the problem. I think being diplomatic is tricky #randomthoughtthursday
I like to show people the other side to situations. Not to make them feel wrong, but so they can see other views #randomthoughtthursday
When Abbott claims the IS folks are against God, I worry that he is effectively doing what they preach #randomthoughtthursday
I think all the rain they forgot to have in winter is happening in September! #randomthoughtthursday
You know when you've annoyed someone, they say you haven't, but you know you have. That makes me sad. :( #randomthoughtthursday

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