Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Iceberg Cometh

Please take a moment to read this very brief article.

Fear-mongering Iceberg at about Same Sex Marriage.
Or simply watch the video below.

I thought the ad was interesting for a few reasons.

Firstly, the imagery that it is just the tip of the iceberg is very emotive and forever linked (in my mind) to the Titanic disaster.
It even has a little ship heading straight for it.
Then there is the sheer size of it, which suggest that even in being the tip of the iceberg, it in itself is bad enough.'re not gay are you?
But then there's the inevitable vagueness of the "what about the children?", "what about sex education?" concerns, both part of the much larger, underwater component of the iceberg. 

The mysterious 9/10ths, dark and unclear.
Which for mine, kind of accurately represents the fears of the anti-same sex marriage lobby.

They are unclear, they are needlessly dark in their catastrophising of the issue, and the fact that the same-sex part of the iceberg is actually so large and well defined is most of their concern.
Same sex couples already have kids, same sex relationships are already discussed in school, and the kids who are hearing about it just accept it. It's part of life.
When you look closely, the concerns of those against same-sex marriage are not all the other things, the children having two mums or two dads, of little Johnny hearing that some parents adopt their kids or that one of the adults they live with isn't their biological parent.

All of that is just window-dressing for what is effectively an old-fashioned bigotted position on gay people.

I'm coming to you my friend...
It's not acceptable to dislike or shun gay people anymore, but it's still acceptable to have a view on what they can do.
Those against same-sex marriage for anything other than religious reasons, which would not be affected, are plain and simply bigots, desperately grasping on to the final thread of tolerated bias available and waving a child in front of us to justify their offensive stance.

While this is massively offensive in and of itself, these people at least aren't holding up their infallible sky daddy as the reason that they don't want 'the gays getting married'.

The debate on same-sex marriage has taken a clever direction, in that it now avoids the religious aspect altogether.

Nobody suggests gay people should get married in a church, why would they want to? It is reasonably clear that those running the show aren't super keen on their "lifestyle choice". 
They just haven't found the right woman.
But enough of the religious aspect, that's effectively now irrelevant in the same-sex marriage debate.

With religion out of the way it really just does come down to you being, personally, an offensive individual if you still refuse to support same-sex marriage.

"It's icky"? - You're icky!
"It's not traditional!" - Neither is driving to work, get out and walk!
"What about the kids?" - Yeah, exactly, what ABOUT the kids? Gay people already HAVE kids!
"What will they teach them in school!" - I think for a child, the onus is on the anti-ssm person to explain why something is not acceptable
"I just don't like it." - Okay, and I just don't like your pants, let's not allow those as well.
"It doesn't perpetuate our species" - Sorry? Are we running short on people?
"Why can't they just have a civil union?" - And why can't we now call my car a porsche?
"You can!" - Yes, but it doesn't make it one.
"There are no benefits to society!" - There are benefits to the people involved. Was one of the happiest days of your life your wedding day? Does your spouse benefit from your marriage in the event of something happening to you? Does your significant other have some level of control over your life/death decisions should you be in a position to require someone's help? Does marriage mean you have children? I know many couples who don't have children, are they then of no benefit to society?

There are all offensive positions to hold and I haven't even bothered to look at the 'slippery slope' argument.

The anti-same-sex marriage position IS one of bigotry whether you think yourself a bigot or not.
Have your opinion by all means, but when you start to impose your opinion on others with the intention to prevent them from doing something that you can do yourself, merely because you happen to be sexually-attracted to people of the opposite sex, you are being a special kind of bigot.

It's called being a homophobe.

"I don't have a problem with gay people, I just don't think they should marry."
I don't care what they do...but....
It's still called being a homophobe.

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