Monday, November 16, 2015

I respect your individuality, under my terms

Well said Jackie
I tend to talk a lot, and begin blog posts talking about myself, and stories, and Facebook posts.


It's not such a good habit and I'm trying to break it, or at least reduce it.

People quip "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realise this was about you", or "Not everything is about you, you know...". I say that to other people too when I feel like the objectivity in a situation has slipped.

But it is obvious that that too is a subjective position.

Despite recent revelations, I still believe that I put others first in my decision making by considering how they will be affected ahead of myself. The reasons why I approach things this way are long and involved, suffice it to say, there's still probably a selfish element to it. Approval.

So what am I on about?

Well, I have been wondering at what stage it is in someone's life that they take that the extra step.

Not just, "well this is my opinion or belief" to "well this is my opinion and belief, and if you don't mind, I'm not so keen on yours, and I think I'd like you to adopt MY opinion as your own"...

Of course, some people have strange or offensive opinions, or ones that are just clearly based on incorrect information or assumptions and the conclusions reached obviously ridiculous. This can be frustrating, especially when coupled with a refusal to admit that perhaps something along the way has skewed how they've got to that conclusion.

The harder you wave contradicting evidence or rational argument in their face, the stronger they stick to their guns, and nothing is achieved except anger and resentment.

Nobody likes to be told they are wrong, lest they be perceived as being stupid.

Think of the old stories about men not asking for directions when lost.

He couldn't answer, he was a
Pride, saving face, whatever it is, it seems to be very important to people. Some more than others.

Whatever the reasons, some of us feel the need to stick to our guns rather than admit we might have got something wrong, and it has an effect on both parties.

Now, what if neither side was wrong?

You have a strongly opinionated person, trying to convince you that their way is right and they expect you to be thinking the same as they do, and then you have someone with a different opinion, but just as determined to stick to their position, but not really trying to push it on anyone else.

Sounds kind of unpleasant.

Why the conflict? Why does the second person need to believe the same as the first?
When did individuality become the need to conquer all other beliefs?

Now blow this up into a larger scale and some of the problems between religions, nationalities and the like, take on the same context.

The crux of the problem, specifically at present with ISIL/ISIS/pick-an-acronym, is that they aren't so keen on accepting that others might just think differently to themselves, and because of that, they wish to harm them.

It's not a religious issue as such, it is an ideological issue, no different to a regular non-religious bully.

Some people simply aren't happy with you thinking or believing in something different to what they believe.

The main reasons people argue, on a national or international level, are because of different ideologies, and there's no bigger ideological difference in the world than religion.

For some, religion surpasses national pride, the family unit and self-preservation when it comes to importance. There is nothing, not a single thing, more important or valuable, that adhering to their religion.

The problem here is, religion promises you nice things after you die, and people kind of like the idea that they may live on forever in the sky.

Christians have a belief of all your family waiting for you, strumming on harps, wearing little halos, generally having a good old time of it. Sounds nice, but not too over the top (cough).

Islam has a similar story, probably less harps and halos though, but a bunch of virgins hanging around with you too. Sounds awesome. In fact, so awesome, there are 7 heavens, each just a bit more awesome.

People of faith, strong faith, believe all that. In fact, even those who aren't sure often hedge their bets..."just in case". Nobody likes to miss out on a party after all.

Now, some of those who believe in this 'reward' have taken it upon themselves to 'educate' others in the 'way of things'. They are using the original point of this post to get people to think like them. They have an opinion, a motivation, that their slant on their religion is right and that everyone else is incorrect, and in order to get people to convert or die, they need to convince others that their way of thinking...their OPINION, is correct.

"well this is my opinion and belief, and if you don't mind, I'm not so keen on yours, and not only that , I think I'd like you to adopt MY opinion as your own". And here's why....paradise awaits....good food, good drink, virgins....

If you're talking to a person who has known trauma in their life, is disaffected, possibly displaced, has maybe had the west attacking their homeland for whatever it such a stretch that they might come around to accepting the convictions of a more educated sweet-talker?

It's not due to belief in religion that these guys are doing these appalling acts. The religious aspect is just the reward for being a massive arsehole.

Shut the fuck up arsehole!
The war on terror is probably less about religion than we all seem to believe. It is a war on people who control others to carry out their fucked up agenda via promises of virgins and eternal love from their sky daddy of choice.

Those who recruit, those who plan and orchestrate...they're not doing it for Islam, they're not representative of Muslims, they're representative of what we have across the world...

People who have opinions, don't respect yours and need you to take on their beliefs in order to feel important or valued. Religion in this circumstance is their tool, a crutch for the weak-minded.

The sooner we realise it's not muslims who are the problem, it's arseholes hijacking a religion to push a bullshit agenda, the sooner we can better focus our efforts sorting things out.

However that might be...

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