Thursday, May 26, 2016


A discussion I had with a guy from Red Energy yesterday prompted me to think about what makes me feel old, or if in fact, I do.

He asked for my date of birth and when I said 1974 I suddenly thought...shit, that's not the recent past any more.

The fashions have hardly changed at all!

Those of you who know me know I rarely enjoy acting my age, because part of feeling young and being young is hanging on to that youthful fun streak that you had as a, well yeah, a youth.

The guy on the phone was in his twenties, and after telling me that "nearly 42 isn't bad", I said "yeah, but you know what, when I was your age...", and suddenly the rest of that sentence doesn't matter. Not a bit, not even a little bit.

It's one thing to say that to your 10 year old, but to a 25 year old man on the phone?

Screw that!

"When I was your age..." IS what older people say! It's what parents say, but not just regular parents, parents of people who are also parents themselves (no offence to Mum who probably reads this). It's what you say when you are about to impart some sort of wisdom or 'higher knowledge or experience' onto someone who probably isn't going to listen.

So what about physical signs of ageing?

No idea

Well I've been lucky, cos the main thing that happens to men when they get older, that being, losing your hair, started when I was in my early to mid twenties, so I simply don't associate it with being old, I associate it with dodgy genetics. Besides, I've kind of reached a stalemate with my hair. It isn't falling out any more, partly cos there's not enough left to make an impact and partly cos, well, really, the main bit is already gone! You just don't notice anymore.

Who IS your hairdresser, I must know!?

So I've not felt old because of my hair, even the change in my orange beard to a mottled orange/blonde/white beard. There's still orange in there dammit.

But I looked in the mirror the other week when washing my hands and I thought "heehee, I have smile wrinkles....wait, I'm not fucking smiling!" and that was it. No hair be damned, I have some permanent wrinkles and I wasn't ready for their arrival!

I don't think of myself of my friends as being old, that's right, not mentally I still think of myself as in my 20s. I'm not as quick as I used to be, the weight of the world has dulled my spirits and I am frequently tired, but internally I still feel young.

Red Energy guy (Ricardo) chuckled when I said I was going to party like it was 1999, because he was eight, and he can get stuffed!

And yes, I changed my frickin gas over to them!

Remember my friends, you're all still young looking and lovely.

Just keep your mind young, because once that ages, there's no going back.

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