Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The secret of success...or should that be, to success?

How do you gauge success?

Not 'you' in general, youse...I mean, you as an individual reading this blog post, and remember, you may actually be the individual reading this blog post.

I think I'm reasonably hard on myself when it comes to deciding on success.

As a kid, I wanted to be a palaeontologist. Of course I didn't call it that, I called it "dinosaur person".
I'm not.

Then, as a teenager, I decided I wanted to work in an area that helped study, research, and be generally a conservationy type person for birds.
I'm not.

Then I decided in late high school that I was fascinated by crime and forensics and wanted to get into forensic medicine in order to help catch bad people.
I didn't.

I applied for a course at uni and missed out, but got my 4th choice.
I completed it, failed some stuff but persisted, got my Masters, did a PhD...mostly, and then got a job in the field...and worked in it for four years.
I don't now.

Much like how the tv series MASH ran three times as long as the actual Korean War, I spent over 9 years learning to be an expert in Remote Sensing and Satellite Imagery, and in my post-University working career, spent probably a grand total of zero days working with satellite images.

My PhD was 3D mapping the seafloor using sub-metre resolution satellite imagery from a brand spankin' new satellite called IKONIS. It was to be a ground-breaking research into seabed mapping that would unmix the water column via the side-looking/tilting capabilities of the IKONOS sensors. The result of which would have been the understanding of what you were looking at in a satellite image of shallow water. It was ace, it was exciting, it was...

Oh IKONIS, you so sexy!
So all in all, I didn't do what I had planned, but I have some sexy letters after my name.
Which I don't use.

But all this is very personal, it looks at success with respect to just my own personal achievements not including anyone else, JUST ME, and harsh or not, I am not overly pleased with my achievements.

Maybe I'm just being hard on myself, or maybe in my muddled up plan for myself, I never actually set any goals and so cannot reach them. That feels more likely.

My best outcomes came when I planned and plotted. Like a good story, doing your planning is crucial, and I don't think I have done that more than a handful of times.

When I have an objective, I succeed. Even if I struggle or fail to reach it, I've tried and get at least some sense of achievement. Of course failure just spurs me on, it was why I went on to do my postgraduate studies in the first place, to prove to myself and others that I was capable of it all.

Shut up Yoda!
So what now?

How to succeed?

It's time to set some goals, short term, medium term and long term.

Yoda can get stuffed, cos I'm going to try to reach them, I'm going to set stupid goals too, ones that have multiple steps and stages, require sacrifices and skills, research and study, regular practice and revisiting.

I will try be the success I once thought I could be.

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