Monday, May 15, 2017

Doctor Who Theory - Just puttin' it out there...

Now I could be wrong, in fact, I'm probably wrong, but if I don't put this down, I'll never be able to convince anyone that I was right if in fact I turn out to be right...which I rarely do or am.

Who's behind door number one?

The running tease throughout this season has been the question of who's in the vault? Well my cunning theory works on that question by doing one simply thing.

Losing the question mark!

That's right, I think the Doctor himself is in the vault. But not just any Doctor...this guy!

Wait, I'm dead...
Well, maybe not that guy, but THIS guy!

I'm not dead!
That's right! The Doctor is protecting himself, and here's why this makes sense.

David Bradley was supposedly seen at the studios, let's say that's true cos it helps my theory.

So...reasons for Doctor #1 being in the vault.

- Current Doctor is protecting him, not protecting people FROM him. The clue to that is that he was able to go inside and have dinner with him. If he did that to the Master, he'd get out, or Missy, she'd get out!
- Whoever is inside is grumpy. Doctor #1 was a grumpy sod, didn't like people or children. This is why he played happy music to the revelation that some kids had been eaten.
- The Capaldi Doctor was said to have been teaching there for over 50 years...first Doctor was in London originally in 1963....54 years ago.

Why is he protecting him?

Well, more speculation would be that the Master or Missy is out to get him. I mean really, the Doctor keeps thwarting his/her efforts and what better way to try and get rid of the Doctor than to go back to his original incarnation and kill him off.

The Master can't go back to Gallifrey cos he'd be captured or locked up, so he has to wait until the Doctor leaves. And we've seen him leave, with Susan. He steals the TARDIS and legs it (TARDIS legs it) to Earth.

Fifty something years ago!

So what of the little loophole...where's Susan?

I'm up to something...
The next part of my theory is...

When Capaldi Doctor nabs his original self, he wasn't travelling alone, he had Susan with him. So this means he would have to deal with Susan as well. Capaldi is uncaring at times, but he isn't about to lock Susan away with Doctor 1 for 50 years. But he would still have to protect her, keep her safe and keep and eye on her.


Your theory sucks!
No it doesn't Bill, and here's why.

Why would the Doctor care about Bill? He summoned her!
She came along to his classes, despite being the chip girl. Sure, she's following some other girl to the class, but she's gone along to HIS class.

In the Landlord episode, she kept calling him Grandfather. There is a picture of Susan on the desk. We haven't cared about Susan, HE hasn't cared about Susan for 50 years! So why the photo on the desk now? He also dodged a question about regeneration when talking to her.

What if SHE is a regenerated Susan with her memory locked in one of those watch thingies? Not just for her OWN protection, but for the protection of Doctor 1??

I don't remember owning a watch...

It would also explain why the Capaldi Doctor went to the trouble of getting the photos for Bill of her dead mother. He's tried to look after her, get her adopted out or whatever, but the mother has died and he's giving her some happy memories.

So what do you think? Not a bad theory?

Of course the questions come...but Doctor 1 wasn't in a vault 50 years ago...that's true, but it's Doctor Who...what is true in one episode may not matter. Lots changes, 50th anniversary? War Doctor retrofitted into the timeline?

Timey Wimey!

Addition #1 - Courtesy of Aaron. When the Doctor goes to wipe Bill's mind, she knows what he is trying to do and doesn't let him do it.

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