Thursday, June 29, 2017

Whoniverse? Myniverse?

I haven't really posted much here in 2017, mainly because I've not really felt any desire to share my innermost thoughts of ponderings...wonderings if you will. My Doctor Who post was fun, an opinion where nobody would have an issue if it was right or wrong.

The steps used to reach a conclusion were not plentiful, but a conclusion that seemed to make sense was established. The more I read or saw, the more weight it gave to my belief of what was going to happen or occur. Yet, I was wrong. Not just a little bit wrong, but wildly and completely wrong.
So? My theory was still better!

But what did I say? "I liked my theory better, they should have done that. What a disappointment the actual conclusion to the issue was..." Other people agreed, "Hey, that would have been better", "I prefer your version".

What happened didn't live up to my expectation or indeed some other people's expectations. But that was entirely on me. It wasn't the writer's fault. I'm not going to say "Well, Moffat sucks cos he didn't do what I suggested and my idea of what's right is better than his."

Just pushing up my glasses...oh, I have none....

Steven Moffat can do what he likes, I can agree or disagree sure, but, he sucks? He did the wrong thing? He's not as good of a story teller as me?

How arrogant would I be if I thought that because something didn't go the way I had imagined it or didn't follow the rules that I create for myself, that it was somehow inferior to my own vision? Because I had built up an idea of something, based on my own beliefs, that when it didn't fit into that narrow world view of things, that it must therefore be wrong or suck.

I've been accused of being judgemental in the past, probably the recent past, in fact, yesterday (I'm joking), but I think when I apply these sorts of analyses to myself, I have every right to be judgemental...of myself.

I liked my theory, it was a good one, entertaining and would have had a bit of a "oh wow" element to it. A lovely nod to Doctor Who of old. However, that's what fan fiction is...your vision, your fanboy jollies written down on a bit of paper, or indeed a computer. I'm sure I could write Doctor Who fan fiction, I've watched enough of it over my 43 years to know the Whoniverse if you will, but that's irrelevant to all this.

Tell us what to do Michael, we're lost without you...oh, and exterminate etc!

I guess my ramblings are all about other people's expectations on others. We each have them, whether it be on elected politicians, sports men and women, those in a position of authority based on their religious beliefs, teachers, the guy down at the shop who saw you had your indicator on to turn into that car park but looked like he was going to drive into it anyway, your friends...your Doctor Who show runner.

There comes a point when you need to realise that you can control a small part of your world, make decisions on what sauce to buy, which football team to support, where to go for the weekend, and cannot control....everything else! You don't always have to be happy about it, but you can control that too. Think of it as grasping a bit of control from a situation that is out of your control.

Being controlling, or at least having a sook when you don't have it, isn't going to leave anyone happy. Doctor Who isn't written by me, it's watched by me. I can express my feelings with respect to an episode any way I wish, but it shouldn't be to say "well, you suck cos you think differently", that's actually immature and pointless.

I like Star Wars, others don't. I may say "What! You don't like Star Wars!?" but, I actually don't care one way or the other. It makes me happy. The End.

Even Freddie Mercury really liked Star Wars! (he lied in the song)

It's good to get along with others, so I'm told 👍but I don't think this includes getting annoyed when they don't live up to the expectations you push onto them, whether it be Mr Moffat or not (who I'm unlikely to meet, let alone get along with), or friends or family. Sure, wipe your feet when you walk into a building or a home, that's common courtesy, but expecting people to do a highland jig when they come to your house, then speak with a Dutch accent on every 3rd word, that's a bit far.

Dammit, now I have Paul McCartney in my ear...duhh duhh duh, duhh duhh duh, duduh...
As with all my posts, I started somewhere and drifted off course faster than Tony Bullimore.

Perhaps I will write my Doctor Who story, just for the sake of proving to myself that I can do it. Not cos it's better, just cos it's different.

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